Mother. Mom. Irma Bell. 

My very first depiction and example of love. To say I love you is an absolute understatement. The only person that knew me before I knew myself. 

My nurturer & facilitator before I could feed myself you were my sole provider. 

Foolishness is bound to the heart of a child; therefore your correction was essential to molding my view of right and wrong which shaped my personality and helped me to establish boundaries in my life. 

Our story is so real. 

You grew up for your children and 30 years later I would follow in those footsteps for my own life. My lifetime friends aren’t the ones I met on the playground or in-school suspension, they are the ones I met in Sunday school that you made me go to and are the friends that you approved of me going out with. 

My God that you taught me about is still with me today and every day of my life and is with my children.  To say I love you is a complete understatement. My instinct and discernment I inherited from you. 

To see you proud of me and happy with my decisions is my metric of success. I am your LEGACY.

Excerpt from: Dear Mama Project by Ann Hill-Bond  



(l-r)Zakaery Wallace and his mother Irma Bell, An Atlanta Local Legend (Photo Credit: Carlos York)

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