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Nene Leakes says she was being sarcastic, not complementing Kenya Moore:


The RHOA star had everyone shocked, as she was extremely friendly with Kenya Moore via social media or so we thought. After Kenya’s baby shower,

Nene posted:

I’m just like OMG with all these beauties pictures! Kenya is the most beautiful pregnant woman i have ever seen! Shame on Bravo for not showing her amazing life this season. Never seen her look so happy [heart emoji]\

How ’bout yo girl unleashed a series of tweets explaining she was being sarcastic, when she complimented the ex-RHOA star. She even stated that the mother-to-be didn’t invite her, and Kenya and Marc were just tryna get camera time.

RT @PorozaVuyo: @NeNeLeakes Hello Nene, my name is Vuyokazi, did you attend Kenya’s baby shower and did you buy a gift, if yes, what was the gift? Thanks for letting me ask👉🏾No i wasn’t invited! I didn’t get a gift but I’m oppose to giving 1. I luv babies & i luv shopping

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

RT @Shemoon22: @NeNeLeakes Why u jealous of Kenya happiness👉🏾Here comes the ignorance! What reason do i hav 2 b jealous of her? I’ll wait🤔 her marriage? I been married! Her pregnancy? Been there twice! Her house? I have one! Her car, i have several! Her job? I hav jobsssss

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

U know there r people who like 2 b strategic around the premiere! They tend to use others name 4 a come up! Trust me, the girls on this season deserves 2 b here! That person that is NOT here is b/c they simply didn’t want 2 show their REALITY!

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

For those asking, i was definitely being sarcastic the other day but my well wishes were pure & from the heart! Bravo, Andy nor myself should be blamed 4 some1 wanting 2 b on a reality show & NOT show their reality! They choose NOT 2 let u in their life now flipping it #facts

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

Don’t b fooled! We hav no problems! This is all strategic b/c they dying 2 b on this show! Remember they was at my white party. We were cool at the reunion & after the reunion. U know there r certain ppl name u use & nobody cares but there r names that catch others attention

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

There are things people ask for in life like marriage & pregnancy! My hubby didn’t ask for cancer! He’s my priority at the moment and rightly so! With that said, i still have 2 work & i still care for those in my life❤️

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

Now going forward, i will NOT answer any questions pertaining 2 this foolishness! Just know they did this to their self & chose this path! Trust the entire cast knows this! Bravo is watching so if i was them, i would stop the foolishness! Tune into RHOA Nov 4th at 8pm on Bravo

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) October 23, 2018

I know the 50-year-old ain’t salty because she wasn’t invited. I’m sure something happened behind the scenes that’ll make sense later. But, this was childish and funny as hell, lmao!

We know that folks do anything as the premiere is getting close. I can’t wait to see what happens, when the season kicks off Sunday, Nov 4 @ 8/7C.

Look back at Nene and Kenya during friendlier times. “Whew, chile! The ghettoooo.”

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Surviving R. Kelly: Lifetime readies documentary about R.Kelly survivors:


We all know that these ‘rumors’ ain’t following R. Kelly for nothing. While he hasn’t been convicted of a crime, he sure as hell has a lot of smoke surrounding his name. Ya know what the old folks say, “What doesn’t come out in wash will come out in the rinse.”

Lifetime don’ put a whole documentary together that will share the stories of his alleged victims. Even his ex-wife and mother of his kids, Andrea, and R&B singer Sparkle will share experiences. Just in case you forgot, the 14-year-old teen he was allegedly caught having sex with and would eventually be charged but  found ‘not guilty’ on 21 counts of child pornography-was Sparkle’s niece.

The R&B crooner may have been found not guilty in court. But, according to public opinion, he has been tried and convicted. Even Spotify removed his music. 

I know some of y’all still stepping in the name of love and believe that all 50-11 women are lying about this man’s behavior. Just say he’s a problematic fave of yours and stop discounting the experience of others. It really ain’t that hard.

Nevertheless, the six-hour series is set to be shown in three parts very early next year on Thursday, January 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT; Friday, January 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT; and Saturday, January 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Every dog has his day.


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Vincent Herbert refuses to signs divorce papers, Tamar Braxton pleads with judge:


Why is Vince playing like this? He knows damn well Tamar Braxton has moved on with her life and got an Afrikan man. So, what’s the hold up, bruh? I guess the music exec just can’t face the fact that their divorce is real.

According to the people, the R&B singer filed for divorce back in October 2017. But, Vince wasn’t served until September 6, 2018 and had 30 days to respond to the order but he didn’t. What took her so long to follow through though? I digress. Now, the singer is asking a judge to sign off on the divorce, since Vince is moving slow as molasses.

I’m shocked the couple will be officially divorced soon. After seeing him, in the shadows, of Braxton Family Values, after the announcement of their divorce and not hearing much else surrounding it, I knew they would work it out.

If you ask me, I think Vince is/was a manipulator that lacks emotional intelligence. But, isn’t that most men? The way he treated Tamar on camera was hella rude and embarrassing.

Isn’t it interesting how the whole family let it be known that they were just tolerating this man the entire time? I mean, no one liked him. Mama Evelyn even told TMZ that he allegedly put his hands on the Love & War singer.

Nevertheless, I hope she has a better life with her new boo. Please let him be worth the salt in the bread, Lawd!

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