United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia (UAPRN of GA), in partnership with the Georgia Nurses Association, will hold its 2019 Annual Unity Conference in Atlanta on Oct. 31-Nov. 2 at the Hilton Atlanta hotel in Downtown Atlanta.

A three-day conference full of workshops, networking opportunities, and a special gala/awards banquet, the 2019 Annual Unity Conference is one of the best gatherings of top-level heathcare professionals in Georgia; with a wealth of invaluable medical information.

“The Unity Conference is a three-day experience that focuses on content that is moving from the pediatric setting all the way to a geriatric setting with something for everyone,” said Dr. Michelle Nelson, president of UAPRN of GA.

“[It] is something that will deliver an experience that transcends everything regarding nursing in [Georigia]. It brings all nursing organizations together for one high-packed, mega-watt, event to make sure that we are showing you the movement that unity can deliver fo the patients and the communities that we are tasked to serve.”

Nelson is a clinical assistant professor at Georgia State University Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing where she teaches a wide range of clinical and research courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs.  Also, the co-director of the Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (CAPRN), she previously served as the UAPRN State Secretary before ascending to the presidency.

In adherence to The Unity Movement, a collaborative initiative launched by UAPRN of GA and the Georiga Nurse Association (GNA), the Unity Conference serves to support the achievement of nursing excellence through bringing together professional and advanced practice nurses, and nurse executives, educators, and scholars.

Cited as one of the “Top Healthcare Conferences for Nurses in 2019” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this year’s event features Georiga healthcare leader Tim Porter O’Grady, serving as a keynote speaker.

Additionally, a host of other top-level healthcare professionals in Georgia will be present at the Unity Conference to share information on various topics that affect healthcare professionals and patients throughout the state, including suturing, wound care, EKG interpretation, mental health, and vaping.

For more information on the 2019 Annual Unity Conference or to purchase tickets please visit https://uaprn.enpnetwork.com/nurse-practitioner-events/126161-2019-annual-unity-conference#!info.

(Photo: Courtesy of UAPRN)

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