As society becomes more aware of biases and the importance of racial diversity and representation, it’s essential to continue to give children identifiable representations of themselves in various forms.

While American is just now deciding to get rid of racially insensitive and offensive depicts of people of color in everyday society, and promote positive opportunities for those same minorities, Cynthia Jackson started her journey to provide positive depictions of women of color for young girls back in 2016 with her company Tiny Tots and Tikes.

Tiny Tots and Tikes is a company that produces various products, including books, clothing, and room décor, that reflect positive and creative black images for black boys and girls to be inspired and proud of the way they look.

Jackson founded Tiny Tots and Tikes after her own daughter’s questions about why her hair and skin didn’t look like her white counterparts.

“Unfortunately, I experienced this firsthand when my then 4-year-old daughter began to question if her skin tone and hair texture were beautiful,” Jackson said. “After much thought about this surreal moment, I realized that I had completely underestimated the impact on my own daughter’s self-image when I decided to enroll her in a predominately white pre-school and when I was serving as a pastor of a predominately white church. My daughter was receiving conflicting messages about her self-image because everyone and everything around her at the time was white.”

An Athens, Georiga native, and graduate of the University of Georgia and Emory University, Jackson set out to inspire and motivate children through books, clothing, and creative wall decals. Recently, her company proudly launched their new line of wall decals. These are non-damaging, ready to purchase, and customizable wall decals that are made to bring life and personality to your child’s bedroom or play area.

From the options of Black Doctors, Athletes, Dancers and more any little one is sure to wake up and see what they are capable of becoming every day. 

Also, TTT launched a new line of wall decals, featuring black doctors, athletes, and more examples of positive and successful black people to inspire young black children to accomplish their dreams.

A staple for many bedroom designers, wall decals add a splash of personality to the room, which is especially important as we continue to spend more time at home under quarantine.

These fun, vibrant wall decals effortlessly reinforce black beauty and combat stereotypes that our children face every day in the world. Additionally, the wall decals are customizable, non-damaging and come at reasonable prices.

“We are super excited and so grateful for the release of our line of wall decals,” Jackson said. ‘Our goal is to create decals that reflect positive and beautiful black images so that black children can be inspired through their walls.”

Wall decals have been a staple for many bedroom designers when adding something fun and exciting to the home. Not only are these an easy and inexpensive way to transform homes, but Tiny Tots and Tikes also offers a great way to encourage the positive images of little Black boys and girls everywhere.

“For years, society has taught us that only those of European descent are beautiful, smart, and solely qualified to hold certain job positions. Therefore, our decals are meant to creatively affirm black children so they, too, will see themselves as beautiful, smart and equally qualified to hold any job position they desire,” Jackson said.

This story was originally published on Nov. 18. It has been updated to fit in The Atlanta Voice’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

(Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Tots and Tikes)

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