Thanks to the magic of a free and open Internet and social networking, this generation has the ability to document every day of their entire lives. On the flip side, once posted there’s no way to erase the occasional stupid comment, regretful photo or random rookie mistake…or, is there?

As co-founder of On Second Thought, Maci Peterson has patented a system that allows users to recall and edit their messages in real time. The inspiration came to the 30-year-old entrepreneur three years ago, when she accidentally texted an ex-boyfriend something she later wished she could take back. I mean, who hasn’t been there?

In 2014, that inspiration lead Peterson to launch an app used to recall text messages. Now she and her partner are taking it a step further and expanding the technology for use on social networking platforms. In fact, the patented recall system will be made available on all forms of telecommunications.

Brilliance! No one deserves a permanent, easily sharable and un-deletable record of their missteps.

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