This year was full of cheating scandals, social media diaries, and a lot of ‘Oh, hell naw!’ moments. From custody battles to health scares, the entertainers kept the streets talking.

Take a look at the top four moments below.

1. Kevin Hart Cheating Scam:

Chile, when news hit that Kevin Hart cheated on his rib, Eniko, the innanets went wild.

Luckily the comedian exposed himself before his alleged extortionist had a chance, but it was still all bad.

After the video and photo leaked, the situation got worse. We were all previewed to his threesome and his thrust action.

Needless to say, Eniko stayed and the two now have a one-month-old in addition to Kev’s two older kids with his ex-wife, Torrie Hart.

2. Wendy Williams Passes Out:

One day, I was watching The Wendy Williams Show and the next thing I know was Wendy hit the floor.

Dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume, celebrating Halloween, the talk show host passed out on live TV. Wendy claimed she had on too many clothes and was overheated. Luckily, she was able to finish the show.

Folks speculate that it’s more to the story. It is alleged that her husband ‘Big Kev’ is cheating on her with some young tenderoni. Chile, who knows? But, that’s definitely a reason to pass out. Don’t you think?


3. Meek Mill Probation Case (Judge Genece Brinkley)

Meek Mill is serving 2-4 years for a probation violation. There has been all type of claims that Judge Genece Brinkley is purposely sabotaging the rapper.

Some allege that it’s all because he wouldn’t remix a song by Boyz II Men and give her a shoutout. Now, I know this sounds crazy but that’s what the streets are saying.


4. Tyrese Gibson:

Chile, Tyrese wore me out on IG with his lies and conniption fits. While he was fighting for custody of his daughter Shayla, the R&B crooner just couldn’t stay off of social media.

According to reports, Tyrese insisted that Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith were wiring him $5 million and that was false. He also stated that his new wife, Samantha Lee, was pregnant and that was also a lie.

The Sweet Lady singer says that his medication prescribed for his mental illness is why he lied and was extremely emotional on social media. Either way, I was sick of him and glad it’s over.




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