If the Hawks are modeling themselves after the Golden State Warriors, they got an up close and personal look at how much work they need to do. Atlanta fell to the World Champs, 128-111 on Monday night at State Farm Arena.

“Elite. Defending champions. Cream of the crop,” said John Collins, who had a career-high 24 points. “(They have) three guys that give you 40 or 50 on any given night.”

One of those guys, Stephen Curry, outscored the entire Hawks team in the first quarter. Curry had 18 points in the opening frame, and the Hawks trailed 34-17. The two-time MVP had 30 points overall and it could have been a lot more if he didn’t get into early foul trouble.

“We needed a win on the road and we didn’t want to give them any life to start the game,” Curry said.

The dynasty that is Golden State never looked unbeatable, yet was clear the Hawks had no chance. Though, it wasn’t because of a lack of effort. Lloyd Pierce’s club opened the second quarter on 21-11, including an emphatic alley-oop from Trae Young to Collins. Yet, they still trailed by 14 at halftime.

“As well as we competed and as aggressive as we were just trying to get downhill in the paint offensively and the effort of chasing their guys around, it’s (still) hard to score,” Pierce said.

It’s also hard to stop the Golden state offensive onslaught, especially when they share the ball, earning 33 assists, and get a combined 85 points from just three players. Kevin Durant had 28 points. Klay Thompson had 27, adding Steph’s 30.

“I just think we have a great offense where we emphasize ball movement, body movement, making the right play, and trying to find a great shot every time down,” Durant said.

“They’re always moving,” Trae Young added. “I think that’s something we can take away and learn from a good team like that.

Young is often compared to Curry because of his skillset (ball handling, shooting, and body-frame), but the elder point guard is tired of hearing about it.

“Honestly it’s getting old.” an annoyed Curry said. ” It’s flattering but at the end of the day, that’s not going to carry you through the league.”

On a night, where the home team was outclassed, there was one bright spot for Hawks fans. They are all getting free Chik-Fil-A, thanks to two missed free throws by Kevon Looney.

Stephen Curry is tired of the Trae Young comparisons. Photo by: NBA

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