Whether you’re dining in, enjoying a meal (or cocktails!) at your favorite local restaurant or exploring dining options in a new city, there are food apps to help you save time and choose right. Here are three of our favorites.


Happy Hour Finder

It never fails. You and your friends decide to do happy hour. You’d like to go somewhere new but have no idea where. Thirty minutes later, you’re still scrolling through dozens of options online. The Happy Hour Finder app tells you what time bars and restaurants offer their happy hours as well as what their specials are. Get the app here.



Yelp has been around for a while and is still going strong. Use the app to read crowd-sourced reviews of restaurants and get menu, hour and location information. Its large directory makes it a great resource when you are trying to find a good meal. Get the app here.


Fork It

Fork It, which has been referred to as “Fitbit for food,” was created to develop the home chef in you. The app hosts recipes sourced from various sites and is a tool to encourage people to cook more instead of dining out. It also has a gaming feature that allows users to compete with friends based on who is cooking more and using certain ingredients or making certain types of meals (like vegan or gluten free meals, for example). Get the app here.



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