Do you know Atlanta Public School (APS) students who want to go to college? The Achieve Atlanta scholarship is a need-based award designed to support APS students pursuing various post-secondary paths after high school.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply, click here.

Atlanta’s students have dreams: for their futures, their families, and their careers. We’re here to get behind those students and propel them toward their vision, with unwavering belief and hands-on help.

Our Vision
That all students educated in Atlanta Public Schools will complete post-secondary education and obtain the full benefits that a higher education provides.
Our Mission
To help APS students achieve their dreams by ensuring post-secondary success.
Unwavering Belief
Belief in what’s possible– for our students and the school community that surrounds them– is the inspiration and fuel for everything we do.
Champion for Students
Our belief is backed by action. We never give up on students, and accept the charge to do whatever it takes to remove the barriers they face.
Expectation of Excellence
We expect excellence… from ourselves and from our community of stakeholders. This expectation shapes our ambition and sets our standard for execution day in and day out.
Intentional Collaboration
We don’t presume to have all the answers. We’re deliberate in our effort to tap the experience and knowledge of others as we work toward sustainable change.
Continuous Innovation
We understand to get different results we have to try new things. It’s important we always remain driven, humble, and nimble enough to pursue promising ideas.


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