When best friends and educators Sherita Kimpson and Patti Williamson decided that they were going to leave the classroom sometime during their friendship of 14 years, they traded a number of ideas of businesses to go into before settling on opening a bakery.

The two met at Haynie Elementary School in Morrow, where Kimpson was a media specialist and Williamson was a school counselor. Since then, the two have become like sisters, finishing each other’s sentences and breaking into hearty laughter at will.

They’ve seen each other’s kids grow up and going into business has always seemed like a natural next step for them.

“Starting a business was one of the topics we always talked about,” Kimpson said. “I mean, ever since we’ve known each other.”

In fact, at one point, they considered a bartending service. The two went so far as to getting fliers designed and printed out. That venture never quite got off the ground, though.

As expected, there were other ideas. But once the two started playing around with baking cupcakes, they knew they’d found their calling.

What also helped was a lot of talk of the school system possibly cutting a slew of positions, including theirs.

“Once we got over the fear of leaving the school system, the decision was easy,” Williamson said. “That was the thing that really got us started.”

So the duo began playing around with several recipes, sharing some with friends and family first. Then testing out their cupcakes on their co-workers and students.

“It got to a point when everyone would meet us at our cars on Friday mornings requesting for cupcakes,” Kimpson recalled. “That’s when we knew we’d found the right recipe.”

What started back in the school parking lot has quickly blossomed into a storefront on Moreland Avenue in a community that has embraced them wholeheartedly.

And just like their first taste testers, the two friends with their incredibly tasty cupcakes and infectious personalities, turned a skeptical community who craved for a coffee shop or a breakfast nook instead into neighbors who not only share moments and updates but also their support through patronage.

Best friends and former educators Sherita Kimpson and Patti Williamson took a leap of faith and decided to leave the classroom together to launch their own cupcake bakery, Endulge. So far, their efforts have paid off. (Marshall A. Latimore / The Atlanta Voice)

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