Today, CBS Sports hosted its Media Day at their studios in New York. According to CBS’s Advertising Sales Chief Jo Ann Ross, 90 percent of 30-second commercial spots have been sold.

“We are very, very happy with where we are,” Ross said.

These 30-second commercials are fetching north of $5 million. The network is estimating to earn $500 million for the Feb. 3 broadcast day. Acting chairman Joe Ianniello and CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus did not describe specific predictions, but only discussed the obvious: Super Bowl LIII would be the most watched event of 2019.

Last year’s game on NBC was viewed by 103 million people, a seven percent decline compared with the year before. But viewership for regular season NFL games has increased six percent this season, which signals an uptick for the big game.

It has become customary for the network carrying the Super Bowl to interview the sitting president of the United States. CBS is still in discussions with the White House about getting Donald Trump to sit for the traditional pre-Super Bowl interview. Last year, Trump declined NBC’s invitation.

“In this last year, each division has come together to prop each other up,” said Susan Zirinsky, incoming president of CBS’s News division. “Covering the Super Bowl is so different than what we have to do on a daily basis. We’re sharing a joyous event with the country. It’s so positive.”

“We at CBS News really can add a context and perspective to the game,” she continued. “For the entire week before the game, CBS News will be sharing stories around the Super Bowl, from Atlanta’s rolling out the red carpet and prep for the event, to the economic impact, to some of the human stories behind the athletes.”


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