The Inaugural StyleSeat Awards recently recognized the top beauty and wellness professionals from across the United States. 12 of the 42 winners hail from Georgia, making Georgia the state with the second-highest number of winners, behind Texas.

Honoring trendsetters, cosmetologists and all-around hairstylists, StyleSeat is a popular destination for beauty professionals to showcase their talent, connect with new and existing clients and build their businesses. In return, clients can discover new services, book appointments online and see the latest in new hair and beauty trends .

StyleSeat winners were awarded in six categories: Booked & Busy, Client Choice, Best In, Brand Ambassador, Trendsetter and Wisdom. Atlanta-based barber Gregory Tahir Woods was selected as the recipient of the “Trendsetter” Award. 

“It feels amazing,” said Woods.” It feels like I am being recognized for my 20 years of hard work and I am glad StyleSeat is doing this.”

Woods is known for the distinct skills he exhibits at the Grooming Quarters in Atlanta. He specializes in services such as haircuts, coloring, wash treatments and facial clean-ups for men and women. 

“I’m actually the third generation [of my family to serve] in the industry, “ Woods said. “My mom had a beauty supply store, barbershop and salon. I have been doing this all my life.” 

After Woods got his license to cut hair, he went to college in Miami for fashion design and merchandising. Shortly after, he got a job as a barber at an upscale shop. 

“I started dropping classes when I built my clientele and [started making] money. This is what I wanted to do,” said Woods. “This award proves that I am as good as people think I am.”

StyleSeat also honored another Atlanta native with the “Best in Braid” Award. Natasha Tuitt secured the award based on the number of appointments she successfully booked and completed, as well as the versatility she demonstrated with her braiding styles.  

“I was surprised, because I didn’t even know [StyleSeat] was a thing,” said Tuitt. “It feels really good, because I am in a field where I follow a lot of people who do great work as well.”

Tuitt’s admiration for the hair industry began when she was little. “Ever since I was 8 years old,  I knew I wanted to do hair,” said Tutt. When she moved to Atlanta from New York, Tuitt went from working at a call center to styling hair at a beauty salon. To date, she has been doing hair for over 10 years. Tuitt specializes in braided hair styles for men and women. She mentioned that some of her work challenges include complex customer needs and efforts to continuously expand her brand.

From helping beauty professionals extend their business to connecting clients with favorable styles and creativity, StyleSeat has helped to generate over $10.6 billion in revenue and powered over 155 million appointments for small businesses. StyleSeat is passionate in its mission to award the best beauty professionals around the world.