Stevante Clark lashed out at Mayor Darrell Steinberg during a meeting with community leaders.

Protesters took over parts of Sacramento, California, on Tue., March 27, still enraged over the police shooting of unarmed black man Stephon Clark. The demonstrations disrupted a city council meeting and forced a Sacramento Kings basketball game into a lockdown for the second time.

Clark’s brother, Stevante Clark, led protesters into Sacramento City Council chambers in the middle of a public meeting held Tuesday evening to discuss concerns surrounding his brother’s death, according to CBS 13 Sacramento.

Clark interrupted the meeting by chanting his brother’s name, then took over the microphones to disparage Mayor Darrell Steinberg and ask for the community’s support.

“The mayor and the city of Sacramento has failed all of you,” Clark told the crowd after the council offered him a microphone to speak.

Stephon Clark was killed on March 18 when two police officers opened fire on him in his own backyard while responding to reports of car break-ins in his neighborhood. The officers said they thought Clark was holding a gun, but they later found he was holding a cellphone.

Earlier Tuesday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said his office would oversee the police department’s investigation into Clark’s death to “ensure a fair and impartial investigation.”

The Clark family’s lawyer has also hired Dr. Bennet Omalu to perform a second autopsy on Clark’s body, independent of the one being completed by the Sacramento county coroner.

Clark’s death has sparked unrest throughout Sacramento and across the country for more than a week.

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