One of over 70 panels that took place at the 2022 RenderATL conference (photo courtesy of RenderATL).

RenderATL, the four-day software engineering and music conference, was recently conducted at The Gathering Spot, located at the North Yards Business Park. The event featured over 60 expert speakers in tech, who provided guidance on a host of software engineering practices, including web3 and engineering leadership.

Justin Samuels is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of RenderATL. Under his direction, that conference has grown from a small gathering of tech professionals to its current four-day event, which concluded with a music festival called Milk and Cookies.

“In 2021, we began with our initial conference of only having 350 attendees, 28 speakers, and a handful of staff,” Samuels said in a statement. “Because of the people in our community, we were able to grow to over 1,400 attendees, 60+ speakers, a full staff, and over 6,000 people at our evening events. We’re excited that the community is supporting our efforts to bring culture into tech, and helping us support local Black and minority businesses in the process.”

With the tech industry driving so much of today’s business, it is no wonder why the conference has grown the way it has, and why it has become so popular. Visitors to the conference included Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens and Big Boi, one half of the Grammy-winning hip-hop group Outkast. Other special guests included Issacs Hayes III (founder and CEO of Fanbase), Brandon Butler (executive director, Butter.ATL) and Ryan Wilson (CEO and co-founder of The Gathering Spot).

The conference is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Event goers are encouraged to dress casually and comfortably, evidenced by the “Sneaker Day” and “Jersey Day” themes (the person with the best sneakers and jersey was presented a prize).

Yet, while the clothing was comfortable, the wealth of knowledge shared at RenderATL was comprehensive. There were over 70 classes presented by some of the top tech professionals and organizations in the country, including Microsoft, Vonage and Amazon. The workshops covered a myriad of subjects, including web3 (Why Education is Key to the Growth of web3) and software engineering (Infusing Psychological Safety into your Teams).

Based on the numbers, the event was a significant success. RenderATL hosted over 1,400 guests, and generated over $2 million in economic impact. 6,500 attendees participated in RenderATL-sponsored events that occurred throughout the city.

Samuels is already hard at work on 2023’s RenderATL.For more information, go to