Lissett Tresvant is a licensed esthetician in South Florida. Photo courtesy of Lissett Tresvant

The beginning of the year is when most of us are trying to improve our health. Most people don’t consider their skin among the items to develop. The skin takes hits from heat, nature, and our everyday activities. The skin is the largest organ of the body. If we take care of it, the better it takes care of us. Lissett Tresvant is a licensed esthetician in South Florida. She has skin care tips you can apply in your daily routine that will make you look and feel better throughout 2023.

“You should implement a skincare routine because it is important to your health. It will help with your confidence and other areas of your life. You are taking care of yourself with this routine, which is a benefit that will pay off in the long run.” said Lissett Tresvant.

Tresvant, also known as Lala the Skin Coach, has been an esthetician since 2016. She is the owner of Glow Esthetics Spa and founder of Glow Skin Creative, a skincare line designed to help with acne and hyperpigmentation. The work of an esthetician goes beyond the surface. Estheticians can advise you on the right food and probiotics for better gut health. They ensure you are hydrating with the proper liquids for the best results. Estheticians can equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to age gracefully. According to Tresvant, the difference between an esthetician and a dermatologist is (answer here)

“Seeing an esthetician isn’t just us taking care of the skin on your face, but we also take the time to ensure that you are healthy altogether. We all want to age gracefully, and the education you obtain from a knowledgeable esthetician is priceless,” said Tresvant.

Daily Use of Sunscreen

The first step Tresvant recommends for better skin is applying sunscreen every day. It’s people of color’s first defense against aging and skin cancer. Tresvant explains that it’s a misconception that Black people don’t need sunscreen due to the melanin in their skin. Natural melanated skin only has the protection of SPF 13, and complete body protection requires SPF 30.

According to the skin coach, Black people should look for mineral sunscreen with zinc and titanium dioxide. Without sunscreen, people of color have just as high of a risk of melanoma and other fatal skin diseases.

Hydrate Often

Hydration is a major factor in skin health. The human body does the process called transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Science direct describes this process as water evaporating from the skin. This term is more familiar to those in the skincare industry. Unfortunately, people of color suffer from TEWL more than other races.

Tresvant shares using moisturizers, night creams, and hydrating cleansers can combat TEWL. Those products have chemicals called humectants that hydrate the skin. Other chemicals that do similar things are hyaluronic acid and glycerin. On top of that, daily water consumption helps hydrate your skin tremendously. 

Eating Well

The Skin Coach stresses the importance of healthy eating for better skin. She explains that most skin issues she encounters from people are due to their nutrition. 

“It’s important not to eat the things that trigger our breakouts. Eating less foods that are greasy and that are high in sugar can help minimize the triggers, dehydration and other things that happen within the gut that affects the skin, ” said Tresvant.

The first product Tresvant advises not to consume anymore is milk. The hormones in milk cause inflammation in the skin, and the inflammation triggers acne breakouts. Another trigger for acne is processed foods. These foods are known to be high in sugar which also triggers inflammation.

Commit to a Skincare Routine

Washing your face, exfoliating, moisturizing, and using sunscreen are some of the steps for a skincare routine. Tresvant encourages everyone to get a skincare routine because it is the path that leads to better skin. Tresvant clients have seen skin changes as early as 30 days after committing to a routine.

 “The average person just rinses their face with water, which is crazy. They don’t follow proper skincare routines at home. If you do a skincare routine geared towards your concerns every morning and night, you will see a change in 30 days. That change would be either the texture of your skin, less oil on your skin, or even fewer breakouts,” said Tresvant.  

A population of people who are not committing enough to a routine is Men. The Skin Coach details how men don’t take a skincare routine seriously and deal with oil buildup as they age because they need to cleanse their faces.

“There are so many things that you guys do. You work out; you play sports, you sweat a lot, and you don’t wash your face. Men’s skin usually tends to be a little more oily, and you have to worry about more congestion if your skin is oily. Many men suffer from a buildup of oil in their pores, or they suffer from blackheads,” said Tresvant.

Tresvant’s healthy skin care tips can be applied to anyone’s daily routine. If you desire information that caters to your skin needs, it is time to invest in an esthetician. You can find more advice and tips on skin care from Tresvant on Instagram @Laladskincoach.

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