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Shyria Coleman, Lead Bulk Buyer, Sevananda Natural Foods Market enjoys working at Sevananda. “What I love about Sevananda is that I have the opportunity to live out my passion. Making medicine for the people in a non-traditional format. I make sure people have the guidance as well as answer questions. It’s an exciting place to be” says Coleman.

“We have been hard hit and many people have contacted us and I receive many inquiries about Phyto based medicine and new interest into alchemy. We are no longer able to offer the bulk wall but we are committed to offering safe pre-packaged options. We will learn a new normal together”

Becoming a co-op member of Sevananda has many benefits. Members can participate in a share of equity and become local voices in the community. There are also benefits for shopping and as well as cooking and wellness classes. “I observed the impact that this iconic institution has in this community. Originally I started as a community member now I am a member-owner, I believe in Sevananda.”

Photography & Videography By Trarell Torrence


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