One of the Alabama Crimson Tide’s best defensive players, safety Jordan Battle, stepped up big last season. Battle finished the 2021 campaign with 86 tackles and three interceptions, which he returned two for touchdowns. He is widely known for his pick six in the SEC Championship game against Georgia which helped seal the 41-24 victory over the Bulldogs.

While Battle is a key member of the Alabama defense, he is figuring out balance off the football field which helps him between the white lines. Whether it’s being a comedian or a dancer, Battle finds hobbies, such as dancing, relieving.

“I think I am more of a dancer foreshore,” said Battle. He goes on to say that he loves to dance even more when he is making plays on the football field.

Playing video games is another hobby of Battle that he loves when he’s not on the dance floor. He loves the competition and knows he can compete with anybody.

“I am the best at 2k for sure,” Battle exclaimed. “I am alright at Madden but I can give you a good game. I’m pretty good at Warzone as well.”

Through doing all of these hobbies with his friends and teammates, he is constantly using them and finding ways to bond with his teammates. One of the main things he does is take them out to eat.

“We like to eat,” said Battle. “I like to take the DB’s out to eat. I am trying to work on getting better relationships with other position groups and not just my position group. That’s the main thing we communicate in leadership, trying to get everybody on by creating a relationship with everybody.”