When information is shared on managing finances, most often it is geared toward families.  What about the single population?

Recently, I read an article online about Dollar General opening 900 new stores and the reason why some stores are successful. One reason stated was that these stores have an aisle dedicated for dollar items. The items are not discounted, but packaged with fewer pieces.

For instance, Glad brand garbage bags were packed with five bags instead of the normal 24.  

This option is helpful for single households that may not need large quantities or may not have extra funds to pay higher prices for larger quantities.

Here are a few more tips for singles to capitalize on savings:

The BOGOs at Publix offer savings as you pay less than just having an actual percentage amount off an item.  For instance: if Planters cashews are normally $6.59 and now are on sale for 20% off, your final cost will be $5.27. That is a savings of $1.32. And, if the cashews are on BOGO, you pay $3.30 for a can. That is a savings of $3.29.

You can also save at their fresh bakery section because you can request to get just four rolls instead of the normal package of eight or get a half loaf of bread instead of a whole loaf.

Your savings can be used on next week’s BOGO and bakery item or you can just keep the extra funds in your food envelope. Having extra grocery funds is always a plus.  

Buy in bulk if you can, as bulk is not just for families. Allergies in Georgia can be serious business and tissues are like gold. Stock up on tissues when they are on sale 10 for $10 especially the kind with Vicks added as they are normally higher than $1 per box.  

Buying the tissues in bulk helps so extra funds are not used paying full price during the high allergy season when tissues may not be on sale.  Bulk stores are also helpful as they offer more than just food items.

Though you have to pay for the membership, you can find a close friend or relative with whom you can share the cost.  Instead of waiting for a sale elsewhere, you may be able to find a London Fog raincoat with a hood at the club’s regular price of $49.99 while other stores can have the same coat on sale for double that price.

Store rewards are helpful also. Who doesn’t like to receive gifts for their birthday or at any other time? If you already shop or purchase from a store or eatery, why not get something special for you in the process.  

This is not an excuse to sign up for everything, but if you already shop or eat at the location, why not reap some benefits. You may be able to get a free birthday meal, a free dessert, and a discounted birthday present with your birthday coupon.  

By consistently capitalizing on savings, you will help your financial situation over time.


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