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The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Reggie Dunson Credit: Vincent Christie

Reginald Dunson

Atlanta “I think the law should restrict youth from making life altering decisions even if their families are supportive before a certain age. We have laws that govern drinking, laws that govern all types of rational function because anyone under the age of 21 is still considered to be in their formative years and they are very influential. Their emotions are fleeting. They may make decisions based on impulse. So I think that a little bit of time and due diligence never hurt anyone. We have people serving in the military that can’t buy a drink before they are 21. We have people in college that can’t legally go to a club before they are 21. So I don’t think that a person should be able to go and do a surgery, something that is going to have long term repercussions, because they are still at an age of development.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Sheri Lillie Credit: Vincent Christie

Sheri Lillie

Atlanta “I believe that anyone should be able to make whatever choice they choose to make about their body. I believe that children, with the consent of their parents, should be able to make whatever choice with their body that the family decides in their household. I have several (personal) views about several different areas of this particular topic but I do not believe that the government should be able to decide anything for anyone’s body. Children, with consent from their parents, should be able to make whatever choices they decide as a household. I do believe, as a loophole, there should be some type of screening process for mental health stability because there’s a lot of different people with a lot of different issues and I believe, at the very least, there should be some sort protection for children in that vulnerable space, to make sure they have the proper help to assist them in making a stable solid decision. But I do believe that there shouldn’t be any type of government restriction on what a family chooses for their child as long as it’s not harmful.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Karla Bryant Credit: Vincent Christie

Karla Bryan


“I personally do not think that it should be against the law for minors to get (gender reassignment) surgery. I do, however, think they should go talk to a therapist prior to getting that surgery. Once their mother or father signs off, they should go talk to a therapist and then have that sign off, as well, before getting that surgery completed.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Denzel Pool Credit: Vincent Christie

Denzel Pool

Atlanta “I believe it should be illegal for minors to receive gender reassignment surgery. I believe that, at a young mindset, we are not privy to the information needed to make a permanent change. Therefore you should be able to consent for yourself, not parental consent, to do anything that would have a lasting effect.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Carla Williams Credit: Vincent Christie

Carla Williams

Union City

“It should be illegal for minors to have gender reassignment even if their parents agree with it because they are minors. Minors don’t have the ability to make those types of decisions at such a young age. There are a lot of other things that are illegal for minors such as smoking and drinking. I think they should be able to experience life and sexuality a little more as they get older and make that kind of big decision then.”

Compiled by Vincent Christie