[UPDATED December 2020 – Hodgepodge Coffee, BUZZ Coffee and Wine Bar, and Blendz Coffee added to the list.]

Looking to #ReplaceStarbucks in Atlanta? Try one of these local, black-owned Atlanta coffee shops. Not only can you get quality coffee and tea, but you get to help a small business tell its story. 

On April 12, 2019 two black men were arrested for trespassing in a Philadelphia area Starbucks while they waited for a third man to join them for a meeting. In response to the incident, the hashtag #ReplaceStarbucks and #boycottstarbucks quickly emerged, inspiring people nationwide to patronize local black-owned coffee shops.

Click on one of the Yelp links below for directions, drop a review, and try out the best cup of BLACK coffee in Atlanta:

BUZZ Coffee and Winehouse (2315 Cascade Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30311)







Hodgepodge Coffee (720 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316)






Blendz Cafe ATL (1699 Sylvan Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310)






Urban Grind (962 Marietta St NW, Atlanta)

Grant Park Coffeehouse (753 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta)

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe (2330 Sylvan Rd, Atlanta)

Jayida Che Tea Spot (749 Moreland Ave Suite A 101, Atlanta)

Village Coffee House (420 Seminole Ave NE, Atlanta)

My Coffee Shop (2462 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta)

Just Add Honey Tea Company (209 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta)

Good Karma Coffee (31 N Avondale Plz, Avondale Estates)

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments about your experience and share your story using hashtag #ReplaceStarbucks and #AtlantaVoice. 

Jayida Che Tea Company (via Facebook)
Jayida Che Tea Company (via Facebook)
Try these local Atlanta Coffee Shops today (via Google Maps)
Try these local Atlanta Coffee Shops today (via Google Maps)

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