On Tuesday, June 12, Regions Bank will unveil plans for an innovative program to empower Atlanta-area business owners with cost-free training and resources to help them grow their companies and create more jobs. 

The program is called Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC). Through ICCC, business owners from urban or economically underserved communities receive no-cost business coaching and financial education delivered by nationally recognized experts from universities such as Harvard, Dartmouth, NYU, and others.

“It’s an MBA program on steroids,” explained David Christian, Regions’s senior vice president and regional manager for community affairs. “They’re going to get trained on strategic leadership, marketing —they’re going to get all kinds of specific information.”

Regions is a longtime partner with ICCC. The bank will be bringing the program to Atlanta at no cost to local businesses. On Tuesday, Regions will meet with civic and business groups to formally unveil ICCC and share the vision for the program and discuss how to reach local businesses that can apply to participate.

“There’s nothing more critical to shared prosperity and growth than the strength and vitality of the small business community,” said Grayson Hall, chairman and CEO of Regions Bank.

The application period for businesses interested in ICCC will begin after the June kickoff. ICCC will culminate locally in September with an all-day, high-impact education event for participating companies. Business coaching and follow-up opportunities are also provided at no cost.

ICCC is part of the nonprofit Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, which was founded by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter to strengthen urban areas through education and private-sector investment.

Since ICCC’s inception in 2005, more than 1,700 businesses have participated in the program that has raised $1.5 billion in capital funding and the program has created over 15,000 jobs in cities across America. To learn more, check out video above.

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