Coca-Cola continues to refresh the world while representing the city of Atlanta

For newcomers the recurrence of the Coca-Cola name and imagery may come as a shock, but to the Atlanta natives Coca-Cola has been an essential part of the city since May 8, 1886 when the first Coke was served at a pharmacy lunch counter for 5 cents. This bubbly drink has spent 131 years integrating its way into the culture of Atlanta, through their billboards, advertisements, Midtown Coca-Cola headquarters, and even the notable attraction Downtown “World of Coca-Cola.”

Due to the company’s rigorous marketing strategy, the Coca-Cola drink has become a staple in all parts of the world. In turn, the company has given back to where it was first conceived, creating job opportunities, sponsorships that strengthen the community, and investments that illuminate the culture.

The Coca-Cola Company has invested millions of dollars into community wellbeing. Specifically, in protecting the environment in which Georgians, many of whom are Coca-Cola employees, live and work, Through the Coca-Cola Foundation they have supported youth development and education, water conservation, and recycling programs across the state. These are just a few ways Coca-Cola has created employment opportunities for the city of Atlanta.

Coca-Cola is also very active in investing money into establishments that will elevate the culture. For example, the company has invested $7.2 million dollars in the Atlanta University Center. They have also given $6 million dollars to the surrounding HBCUs, including Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta University. Through Coca-Cola’s collaboration with Engage, a collaborative innovation and cooperative venture program, to improve Atlanta’s technology systems to further elevate the city as a whole.

Coca-Cola has embedded itself in the city of Atlanta and it has proved itself worthy of its spot. Not only has it found a way to influence the world but it also makes philanthropic efforts to give back to their hometown. Making the love between Atlanta and Coca-Cola an everlasting relationship that allows for both to thrive.