Although the Westlake Lions made it look easy Friday night, shutting out the Lovejoy Wildcats 51-0, it was a lot of talent on the field. Yes, Westlake has a lot of talent in case you didn’t know but Lovejoy has some of their own as well. These are some names you should get used to because you will more than likely see them playing on Saturday and eventually Sunday.

Westlake: Nate Wiggins #4

You probably saw him on both sides of the football if you watched any of the Lions games. Wiggins is a four-star recruit and LSU commit in the class of 2021. He has scored six touchdowns this season as can play multiple positions, especially on defense. Cornerback, Linebacker, and safety to name a few. Wiggins even caught a touchdown pass Friday evening in the Lions rout of Lovejoy

Lovejoy: Kameren Epps #55

If you look at the Wildcats offensive, it is hard to miss this guy. He is a 6-4, 250 pound defensive tackle for the Wildcats and is a major key to their offensive success. Epps is a senior originally committed to Akron but reopened his recruitment. He has other offers from Kansas State, Middle Tennessee, and Kent State.

Westlake: Decari Collins #3

This is a talented wide receiver and is only a junior. Collins is committed to Clemson and transferred from McEachern last season. While you see a lot of talented wide receivers on the Lions offense, he is lined up on the opposite side of Wiggins and one of the many reasons the Lions offense is dangerous. He is 6’3 and 200 pounds.

Lovejoy: Quentavius Scandrett #10

The other player that stands out on the Wildcats offense is Scandrett who is 6-3 and a bit over 200 pounds. He is a nightmare for a lot of cornerbacks and has been a contributing factor to the Wildcats. He is currently committed to Eastern Michigan.

Westlake: Leo Blackburn #7

A 6’5, 217 pound senior is another weapon on the Lions offense. Blackburn is currently committed to Georgia Tech and plays tight end.

Westlake: Avieon Terrell #8

This name may sound familiar. That’s right, he is the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons cornerback A.J. Terrell. Terell is only a sophomore playing at his brother’s alma mater and is showing why he deserves a lot of attention. Playing alongside Wiggins on the Lions defense, he gets opportunities to show what he can do. So far, he has fared well against the best and will only continue to get better. He is a little shorter than his brother coming in at 5’10 and less than 180 pounds.

Westlake: Jaquez Smith #9

Another stud on the Lions offense. Currently, he is committed to Indiana and is 6’1, 190 pounds. The senior has other offers such as Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Georgia Tech.

Lovejoy: Michai Boireau

Currently, Boireau is out indefinitely but is hopeful to be back by the playoffs. He is a 6-4, 300 pound freshman and already has offers from Georgia and Tennessee.

Westlake: Jakiah Leftwich #73

Leftwich is a Georgia Tech commit coming in at 6’6 and 302 pounds. He is an offensive tackle for the Lions and adds to the bunch of talent the Lions offense already has.

Photo: Anfernee Patterson/ The Atlanta Voice
Photo: Anfernee Patterson/ The Atlanta Voice

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