While Shelby Tinsley says that she loves social media, she admits that she’s not so happy about the effects that it has on a lot of people’s self-esteem.

After seeing the negative emotions people can gain from social media, Tinsley decided that she wanted to provide positivity through technology with her app iShallBe. It’s her answer to help people combat low self-esteem and eliminate the need to compare one’s self to others.

“The purpose behind it was just to not only encourage people to speak positivity into their life but most importantly give them a way to always be positive,” said Tinsley.

Launched in Dec. 2017, iShallBe features daily inspirational quotes, curated affirmations, and goal trackers. Since its creation, the app has accumulated over 1500 downloads and 300 daily users.

“Instead of waking up and getting on Facebook or Instagram, I want my users to log-on to a platform that will make them happier and smile; rather than start their day on social media and don’t exactly know what they’re gonna get into,” Tinsley said.

With the entrepreneur writing most of the content featured on iShallBe, Tinsley says that a lot of the statements were written back when she was a student at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

When creating the app, Tinsley says that she decided to use words from her aunt to bring her vision to life.

“My aunt named me, and when she created my name, she said ‘she shall be whatever she puts her mind to.’So I wanted to create a platform for people to live by,” Tinsley said.

Unfortunately, she says that she faced a lot of challenges trying to get the app off the ground, most of which surround being a Black woman in technology.

“The interesting thing about me is that I’m not a tech person,” Tinsley said. “My background is in psychology, so this was a different field for me, learning a language and a little bit of coding like that was a challenge for me.”

“I’m an entrepreneur, but I also still work full-time because my job is what is paying for iShallBe. I’m going to be very honest and transparent with you. “I don’t necessarily have investors who can invest in the app, so it’s just me funding it.”

While a man helped her develop and code her app, Tinsley says that everything else is driven by an all-women team.

As the app gained success, Tinsley says that she began to introduce new concepts like “Wise Words Wednesdays, Treat Yourself Thursdays and Face Over Friday.”

Eventually, she began to add more concepts to the weekday to provide more opportunities for positive content.

“To add a little spice to it, I was like let’s interview certain people who have a story to tell, so that’s where we created the Motivational Monday’s videos, and Tuesday was just a way for me to share a little bit about myself,” said Tinsley.

Tinsley also added “iShallBe Sunday,” where she says users can start their week off with a positive attitude going into their Monday routine.

Hoping to reach a goal of 10,000 users in a year, Tinsley has an app update for users that are going to have a new layout and provide a better user experience.

Tinsley says that as the app continues to gain more popularity she plans for iShallBe to be a lifestyle brand and curating more events.

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