Atlanta Hawks rookie guard Trae Young, he of the electronic billboard announcement on Centennial Olympic Park Drive, had a rough debut last night at the Utah Summer League. Young was 4-20 from the field and did not make a shot during the first half of the game. Despite that fact, there were plenty of pros to go along with some cons for the Hawks during a game that will have no bearing on the coming season and Young’s career but is a sign of what is clearly a rebuild from the ground up.


  • Young had three assists and did not seem to be bothered by his shooting performance.
  • Despite being double-teamed on a number of occassions he was more than able to get the shots he wanted to take. That bodes well for a player that will most certainly be the focus of defenses during his rookie season.
  • The Hawks players on the court with Young played like they tursted his decision-making, whether good or bad, and that says a lot about the future floor leader of this team.


  • Young took 20 shots to get 16 points. That’s never good in any situtaion, summer league, regualr season or playoffs.
  • The Hawks Summer League team lost by 15 points to a Memphis team that should not be better than them by that many points under any circumstances.
  • The team shot 8-29 from three, showing that what was once a strength is now, at least for the moment, a weakness.

The Hawks will play Spurs Tuesday afternoon.

Atlanta Hawks rookie point guard Trae Young (on gorund) had a rough debut on Monday in loss to Memphis at Utah Summer League but came back to ultimately be named to the Summer League second team. Photo credit:

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