The National Newspaper Association Foundation (NNAF) announced Janis L. Ware, publisher of The Atlanta Voice to its board of directors. As a member of the board, Ware will serve a one year term which began October 2021.

“It is an honor to be included on this board of respected newspapers throughout the country,” Ware said. “While I have always believed that the work that my team and I do is important, not just locally but nationally, I continue to be surprised by the people and organizations who recognize our work and its importance.”

NNAF is the educational arm of the National Newspaper Association (NNA). Its mission is to promote news literacy, protect the First Amendment, and enhance the quality, role and capabilities of community newspapers and community journalists.

Its board of directors is also composed of David Fisher, Fisher Publishing Inc.; Clara Garcia, Valencia County News-Bulletin; Jeanie Hankins, The Wickenburg (Arizona) Sun; Steve Haynes, The Oberlin (Kansas) Herald; Robb Hicks, Eclipse Media; Randy Keck, The Community News; Deone McWilliams, Northside Vibes by Flavor News; Daniel Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing, Inc.; Jeanne Straus, Straus News; Jeremy Waltner, Freeman (South Dakota) Courier; and Brett Wesner, Wesner Publications.

For over 30 years, Ware led The Atlanta Voice and transformed it into the nationally recognized, award-winning publication that it is today. She expanded the local Black-owned newspaper to include a robust website, active and engaged social media channels, video production, and a consistent newsletter.

“When my father, J. Lowell Ware, started The Atlanta Voice 56-years-ago, it was to provide a voice to the voiceless. Today, the voice that he created still exists, only it has grown stronger and louder than ever. We, at The Atlanta Voice, will continue to make that voice louder and louder until it cannot be ignored. And being invited to be a member of the NNAF board of directors is proof that the right people are hearing our voice.”

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(Photo Credit: Trarell Torrance/The Atlanta Voice)
(Photo Credit: Trarell Torrance/The Atlanta Voice)