Atlanta’s ever-growing music scene and vibrant business community recently welcomed new independent record label and music services company Authentic Empire.

Led by CEO LaVour “Boomman” Sanders, the self-funded company, created at the end of 2020, opened the doors to its new office, located at 101 Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta, on Tuesday, April 21.

This is a vision of mine that I’ve had since 2011, almost 10 years,” Sanders said. “This is the first independent record label that’s actually doing things for independent artists, giving back and giving opportunities like a major record label. What we do is provide services for independent artists and upstream them.”

With a roster of 11 artists and 600 clients, Authentic Empire provides independent artists with the tools to profit from their careers.

The idea is that each independent artist is a self-employed business, and with the help of Authentic Empire, they can become more efficient in producing and distributing music, creating visuals, developing platforms, dealing with publishing, creating merchandise, and much more.

“My main priority when I meet with an independent artist is to try to make sure that they make money. I want them to understand their business. They are self-employed. They make money. A lot of them treat it like a hobby and my job is to make the hobby into something that’s a real business,” Sanders said.

While Authentic Empire’s new location features multiple offices and an abundance of space, it also consists of recording studios, podcasting studios, a merchandise production center, and an event space, all within a high-rise setting.

“This is a space where they can come to meet real people, where they can come in and get label services. Before this, there was nowhere where independent artists could go to get services. They had to get them a la cart.”

Sanders was able to raise $3 million to bring Authentic Empire to life. Though the company is already moving into the space, the total renovation will not be complete until summer 2021.

(Photo Credit Martel Sharpe/The Atlanta Voice)

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