The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) announced Anthony E. Tuggle as its new Chair of its National Board of Directors. His appointment follows the two-year tenure of Immediate Past Chair John Gerzema, who is the CEO of Harris Insights & Analytics.

Vice President of Sales as AT&T, Tuggle served as chair-elect for the last two years and a local board member of NKF serving Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

“I would like to continue to drive awareness, prevention, and treatment for kidney patients especially in our Black and Hispanic Communities, where people are impaired the most by kidney disease,” Tuggle said. “Furthermore, I’m passionate about creating outreach campaigns that make meaningful connections and change people’s lives. One of the most important things right now in kidney health is we must remain relentless in the fight for affordable healthcare for all, access to medication, and access to transplantation and dialysis.”

Tuggle will lead a 20-member board at the 70-year-old foundation, known for its work advocating for millions of kidney patients, raising awareness about kidney health, and helping to educate thousands of kidney professionals.

He is also a kidney transplant recipient and is 21 years “kidney strong.”

“I am truly blessed to be afforded this opportunity to positively impact kidney patients forever,” he said.

The NKF Board of Directors consists of leaders in their communities who have been affected by kidney disease. They are nephrologists, kidney healthcare professionals, living donors, transplant recipients, care partners, top executives with diverse business experience, and civic leaders.

The Board meets three times per year and is charged with fiduciary, fundraising, and governance responsibilities for NKF. Board members serve a term of three years and may be elected for a second term.

Gerzema, who experienced kidney surgery in childhood, will remain on the NKF Board as a member.

“Anthony has been an effective champion for NKF nationally and locally, and we look forward to his leadership as Chair of the National Board,” Gerzema said. “We also expect great things from our new leadership and board because 37 million adults in the U.S. who are affected by kidney
disease are counting on us.”

Tuggle is committed to working with NKF to help fight kidney disease. He was 2018 Chairman of the Atlanta Kidney Walk, which raised more than $250,000 for NKF’s efforts.

He also garnered support from his colleagues at AT&T, raising more than $100,000 to date through various fundraisers in support of NKF.

(Photo: Courtesy of National Kidney Foundation)
The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony E. Tuggle as Chair of its National Board of Directors. Tuggle who has served as Chair-elect for the past two years, steps into the leadership role as the term of John Gerzema ends. Tuggle has previously served as a current NKF national board member and a local board member of NKF serving Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. He is AT&T Vice President of Sales and is based in Atlanta.

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