Brian Wright and Desmond Attmore are the founders of Six Degrees, a creative marketing agency named after the theory that all people are six social connections away from knowing one another.

The pair met at Morehouse College in 2008 while earning their Bachelor’s degrees. While in college, the two worked on a clothing brand that Wright had started while he was in high school.

After graduation in 2013, Wright and Attmore sought out their next business ventures. Brain went off to form a relationship with Mike Will Made It, a Grammy award-winning producer, in the early phases of him starting his record label, EarDrummer Records.

Attmore helped co-manage rap duo Rae Sremmurd for four years. During this time, they did a lot of freelance work, creating content, putting together brand partnerships and more.

In 2018, they decided to compile their collective knowledge and experience to create Six Degrees.

“We specialize in influential marketing, branding, graphics, creative content, as well as the biggest one, activation,” Wright said.

Foot Locker is a new client of Six Degrees. Wright and Attmore worked with both Foot Locker’s team and Atlanta rapper Lil Baby’s team to renovate a basketball court in Oakland City, where Lil Baby is from. 

“We knew that it was back to school season and we wanted to do something that was different and dope for the community,” Attmore said.

The day of the unveiling of the redesigned basketball court was only intended to be a content shoot, however, Lil Baby wanted to also do a giveaway for the kids in the neighborhood. They handed out truckloads of bicycles and had food trucks for the community.

“[Lil Baby] was a great sport to work with… for him to be able to create a space where kids can go to and have a safe haven. It was really important to him,” Attmore said.

Attmore and Wright chose to partner with Lil Baby on this project because he’s a popular rapper in Atlanta and consistently gives back to the community where he grew up. 

Since the project was popular, Six Degrees plans on expanding it out into a series with other rappers giving back to their hometowns across the U.S.

(The newly redesigned court in Oakland City Park where rapper Lil Baby is from in Atlanta. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bria Suggs)