There is an old Atlanta colloquialism that says, “You can always tell a Morehouse Man, but you can’t tell him much.” 

On Wednesday, Feb.15, the Morehouse Alumni Association hosted a clothing drive in support of Grady Hospital’s Trauma Center. There is a serious need for clothing for the homelessness and unfortunate,  particularly during the recent uncharacteristically cold winter months in and around Atlanta. 

Currently, Grady is the only level 1 trauma center in the city and most oftentimes patients may be left with little to nothing to walk out of the hospital with. Since there is currently a lack of clothes for patients to wear the drive is meant to provide recently released patients with clothes.

“Pants, shoes, sweatshirts are what we are gathering in [the hospital’s] closets, so that they are not having people leave with those paper gowns on,” said Kyle “KB” Butts, president of the Morehouse Alumni Association. 

The Morehouse Alumni association is dedicated to improving neighborhoods, communities, and the greater Atlanta area through service to it.

“My main basis is you have to give back to the community, that’s why we are here,” said alumni member, Toron “D.J. Tron” Roberts. “It’s about reaching one, teaching one. If there is something I know, I take it as my personal responsibility to teach them it. I have been fortunate enough to graduate from Morehouse College, and if I am in a position to teach someone something, it’s my duty to teach the next person that.”

Some of the several community service acts the alumni association has performed are get out the vote events, neighborhood cleanups, and fundraisers for various causes.

“We believe that people should be active in their communities and that communities need leaders to show them how to be communities,” said Gerald K. Geter, Morehouse alumni member.