YouTuber and millennial social influencer Leah Gordone recently held her inaugural BROWNGIRLSLINKUP Social Brunch. Aimed at college-aged girls and young adult women, the event was meant to inform these girls on how to become social influencers and discuss related opportunities.

For Gordone it was not only a chance to give back but also a homecoming celebration, since the event was in her hometown Fayetteville, NC. Though she is an Atlanta resident and built her career in the city, she wanted to give back to her roots.

Gordone is the classic embodiment of a small town girl with big city dreams. After graduating from Fayetteville State University, she relocated to Atlanta, GA to conquer the city life. However, she never imagined that she would become a published writer, editor, media correspondent, content creator, entrepreneur, and mentor.

A product of a military family, Gordone’s family are a major factor in her success. She credits her mother as her source of inspiration.

“My mom motivates me the most because she’s a go-getter. She was in the military and then she decided to work with people in the service field. That’s who I look up to.”

Throughout her journey she was able to learn many lessons, allowing her to pass on this knowledge to other young women by creating a mentorship group.

The result is BROWNGIRLSLINKUP, an organization whose goal is to help young women of color to develop smart goals and build confidence through enrichment programs, unlimited website access, workshops, and events.

The purpose is to provide resources, guidance, motivation, and emotional support. The organization’s flagship event the Social Brunch gives these girls the opportunity to commune amongst each other while receiving knowledge from key people.

“There are so many people that you’ll meet, in Atlanta, that just BS you. They’ll tell you that they want to do this and that. If you want to do it, why are you always on Instagram and not doing what you say you want to do. You want to be a rapper but you’re not in the studio. You want to be a fashion designer but you haven’t taken any sewing classes,” says Gordone.

Essentially, BROWNGIRLSLINKUP is built in the image of its creator, Ms. Gordone. Coming from a small town, Gordone felt that she had to move to a big city to gain more opportunities.

After leaving and gaining more life experience, she realized that there are opportunities for small-town girls too. However, most of these young women are unaware of them; which is why she decided to create BROWNGIRLSLINKUP.

With the organization holding its inaugural Social Brunch at the end of October, the event featured popular YouTubers Abby Rose, Drea Evans, and Chris Wise as speakers.

The idea was to enlighten attendees on what it means to be a social media influencer and the processes involved with achieving this status. The speakers discussed topics involving what it means to be a social influencer, how to start, how to monetize your influence, and how to create partnerships and garner sponsorships.

Attendees were not only able to benefit from the knowledge of the speakers but also received a booklet which served as a guide to their journey of becoming social influencers.

In addition to being treated to a brunch buffet, each attendee was given a gift bag filled with treats from sponsors African Pride Hair Care, Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils, Luster’s Pink Brand, Scentbird, Ursa Major Skin Care, and Diva By Cindy. As a partner of the event, Lorenzo Gordon’s Humbl Hustlr provided special gifts for each of the speakers.

Proceeds from the event were donated to rapper J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation to aid residents who were affected by Hurricane Florence.

Weeks prior, the hurricane ravaged through the city, causing damaging and leaving a lot of Fayetteville’s citizens in desperate need of help. For her efforts, she received a letter from Fayetteville’s Mayor Mitch Colvin praising her as an asset to the city and congratulating her and BROWNGIRLSLINKUP.

With over 90,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and a viewership that reaches millions, Gordone has built most of her life off of being a social influencer. Though she has had other professions and continues to receive multiple streams of revenue, her main source of income is her YouTube Channel.

A well-educated young woman, Gordone holds a Bachelors in Communications/Speech from Fayetteville State University and a Masters in Education for School Counseling from Liberty University.

Outside of being a social influencer, she is also a fierce entrepreneur who closed her online affordable makeup store earlier this year to start her own cosmetics company Gordone Cosmetics. Through this company, she produces a collection of premium quality, cruelty-free, and affordable cosmetics to women of color.

With the success of BROWNGIRLSLINKUP Social Brunch, Gordone has decided to make it an annual event in Fayetteville. It will coincide with Fayetteville State University’s homecoming week.

She also plans on bringing the event to Atlanta and eventually touring around to other cities, including Washington D.C., New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, and more.

For more information about BROWNGIRLSLINKUP visit or Also, check out Leah Gordone on social media @LeahGordone.

(l-r) Chris Wise and Leah Gordone

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