Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the memorial honoring the lives lost in the Atlanta Child Murders. The murders took the lives of 29 people from 1979 to 1981, with all of the victims being black children and young adults.

“With this memorial, it will be a reminder to each of us that their lives will matter forever more,” Mayor Bottoms said during her speech.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was accompanied by former and current city officials and families of the victims. (Photo Credit: Mason Smith)

The memorial will include an eternal flame and a wall displaying all the names of the victims, along with a space for visitors to put flowers and other mementos. In 2019, Mayor Bottoms appointed the Atlanta Children’s Memorial Taskforce, whose objective was to find a proper way to tribute to the victims. The chair of the taskforce is Frank Ski, who hosts “The Frank Ski Show” weekdays on KISS 104.1.

“Creating this monument in this place shows how important those children’s lives are,” Frank Ski said. “More importantly, it gives [the families] a place to reflect for generations to come.”

Pictured: (L-R)Atlanta Children’s Memorial Task Force Chair Frank Ski, Camille Love, Director for Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Artist Gordon Huether. (Photo Credit: Mason Smith)

Frank Ski also said his favorite part about the project was the group effort in bringing the memorial to life. “Many of us all got together, and we debated and we talked. To see what a group of people can do that’s on one accord is just amazing,” he said.

The project is to be completed within the next six months, with Gordon Huether, a California-based large-scale artist, spearheading the project. “It brings tears to my eyes,” Huether said when asked about being selected for the project. “There’s a lot of talented people across the country and in Atlanta, so for the city to ask me is a blessing.”

Huether has done both private and public artwork across the United States and internationally, and even though the memorial is not finished, he claims it will be one of his best works. “Right in the top five, I’m gonna say it just like that,” Huether said. “Hopefully it’ll be as beautiful as the renderings, but it’s really way, way up there.”

The memorial will be located outside Atlanta City Hall, on the corner of Mitchell Street and Washington Street.