Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed her controversial Gulch redevelopment plan into law on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018, joined by members of City Council.

Bottoms signature on the law was preceded by approval from members of the Atlanta City Council during the Council’s Nov. 5 meeting.

“The Gulch redevelopment deal, the largest in state history, charts a new course for how city development is optimized for public good,” the Mayor said. “As I sign this historic legislation into law—joined by members of City Council—we also inscribe affordable housing, workforce training, minority and female-owned business participation, and public safety investments into our city’s future.”

The redevelopment plan proposes the transformation of the 40-acre Gulch property into a $5 billion mixed-use development with the potential of creating thousands of jobs in south downtown Atlanta. Proposed by California-based developer CIM Group, the project would create new office space, housing, retail, roads, sidewalks and city parks.

The City Council approved four pieces of legislation related to the Gulch Project including its financing mechanism, after more than nine hours of public comment and deliberation.

Following last week’s vote from the City Council, the Mayor said, “I am grateful for the approval by the Atlanta City Council and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that as our city grows and prospers, our communities are not left behind.”

“Never in the history of our city has a single development deal been negotiated in a way that will have such far-reaching, generational impact,” she continued. “The Gulch redevelopment will not only physically bridge the gap between the east and west sides of Atlanta, bringing economic vitality to a long-undeveloped part of downtown, but also affordable housing, workforce training, enhanced public safety, and job opportunities throughout the city.”

The Mayor also thanked CIM Group, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and a number of other parties who worked with her team to create the agreement.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signs the historic Gulch redevelopment agreement in law.

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