Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms arrives at the Hilton Atlanta to deliver her ‘State of the City’ Address Tuesday morning, May 2, at the Hilton Atlanta.

Mayor Bottoms gave her reaction to this morning’s speech, spoke about transparency within the city of Atlanta, and responded to a question about former Mayor Kasim Reed’s absence from the event.

Introduction from the Mayor:

“Dear Friends:

I am honored to welcome you to the 2018 State of the City breakfast. When I took the oath of office five short months ago, I articulated a great vision for our city. Some said that my vision of One Atlanta was too idealistic. Some said that it would never come to pass. Some even called it Atlanta’s Impossible Dream.

An Atlanta native, Atlanta Public Schools graduate, lawyer, judge, coucilmember and now, Mayor, I know there is no ream too big or challenge too large for Atlanta – not even the pursuit of one billion dollars to fund and preserve the city’s affordability.

In Atlanta’s short 170-year history, we have turned a rail post into an international city, ashes into an economic hub, an abandoned race track into the world’s busiest airport, a southern own into the City Too Busy to Hate, and a City on a Hill into host of the world’s Olympic Games.

Every milestone in our city’s history has been marked by obstacles, unique to the challenges of the day. But at every turn, Atlanta has triumphed, emerging each time more resilient than before.

Today is no different. As our economic growth has unfolded we find the conscience of our city challenged by the calls of those who have been left behind, Equity, affordability and transparency re the orders of the day, and with a strategic five-point focus, my Administration and I are hard at work to answer the call.

I know without a doubt that Atlanta will go beyond even my grandest vision for our city, because our history of fortitude and achievement lights the path for our future.

You will learn more about each of my five strategic pillars and the lessons from my past that give me the confidence to lead Atlanta into the future. Thank you for allowing me the great honor of serving as your 60th Mayor.” – Keisha Lance Bottoms

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