Leslie Danielle is a Love & Legacy strategist with more than 10 years of experience helping women transition from being overwhelmed to operating in their divine unique gifts and abundance, which is overflow.

“Knowing there were other women suffering in silence from the same feelings of suffocation and being overwhelmed, just like me, ignited a desire within my soul to create a community to help them break free—free from all the titles and responsibilities women carry on their plate,” she explained. “I wanted to create a safe space for them to come and know they are not alone.”

Today, Leslie Danielle is sharing with The Atlanta Voice about how to make the shift from being overwhelmed to abundance.

Tell us what sets your soul on fire and why? Woman tapping into their overflow and power. It’s nothing like the essence of a woman. When she knows who and whose she is and living from that place it changes bloodlines. I know because I’m changing mine. 

What are you most proud of and why? I’m proud of never giving up on myself and accomplishing all I have no matter the obstacles put before me.

What has been your biggest failure and how did you rebound? I would say the biggest thing I had to overcome was the feeling of being overwhelmed and suffocating from the weight of life’s responsibilities. This took me to a dark place for several months and I did not want to live. I had to fight each day to find happiness and peace. I overcome it by counting my wins and making God bigger than the feelings of overwhelmed and suffocation.

What three things can you offer as practical advice for those who are struggling to face their failure and start again? I have found that by implementing these three things for 30 days straight it will keep your head and spirit in a place of peace and productivity: count at least three wins a day; make God bigger than the failure by finding out what He says about it – specifically a scripture to meditate on; and, journal and release anything and everything so that you don’t hold it in, therefore, positioning yourself to win

What is something that you are unashamed to share with others? That I have struggled with suicide ideation.

When it comes to your faith, what have you learned the most? In the midst of getting to the other side of victory, which belongs to you as you continue to progress and elevate in every area of your life, you must establish peace as the foundation of your journey.

In three words or less The Father is: Perfect

What service(s) do you provide for the community? As a Love & Legacy strategist, I have an exclusive subscription Community to help women operate in abundance and overflow. I walk alongside and help them tap into their power, purpose, and position – one quarter at a time – through podcast, webinars, declarations and worksheets.

Because of your commitment, what is the greatest success story you can share? Working with multiple women that were on their last rope in their marriage, in life and in purpose. After a couple of months working with me or being in the community, they became recharged versus being drained; productive over being busy; and overflowing instead of being overwhelmed.

Do you have any upcoming events, products or updates that you would like to share and how can the audience help support your efforts? I wanted to work with more women at one time and build a community, so I transitioned by releasing part one of my eight-strategy series, “From Overwhelm to Overflow: Accelerated Abundance.” This will build the foundation for a woman to go from overwhelmed to overflow and accelerate her abundance, beginning with the five keys to Love and Legacy for $25.

Where can people connect with you online (website and social media information)? @Imleslied on Instagram. “The Sanctuary for Women that WERK” group on Facebook. They can also visit www.lesliedanielle.com

Naked and Unashamed is a column written by Janna B. to encourage others to be vulnerable, shift their perspective and increase their faith through real stories of hope, faith, struggles and triumphs of extra-ordinary people in the community. 
Photo: www.LeslieDanielle.com

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