The Clayton County Public School (CCPS) district announced Wednesday afternoon that the school would be closed the following day. Kay Pace students and staff are scheduled to return in person on September 2.

Data from the CCPS COVID-19 Dashboard shows that 155 students and 43 staff members tested positive in the first week of school. Kay Pace is the fifth school in the district this school year to have to go virtual due to an increased number of positive coronavirus cases. 

Last Sunday it was announced that Kendrick Middle School would pivot to virtual through August 27. Pointe South Middle School started off the first few days of the school year virtually before returning to in person. Both Haynie Elementary and Kemp Primary schools both had to go virtual during the week of August 13.

When a school has to pivot to virtual learning CCPS continues to provide breakfast and lunches for students. Families can pick up their students’ meals from any school in the district. While Kendrick Middle School is virtual, the two daily meals will be delivered along the schools’ bus routes from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

(Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Image)