K. Michelle isn’t only bidding farewell to former people in her life with her new album, Kimberly: The People I Used to Know. The songstress is also telling her fake buttocks goodbye.

In 2016, K. stated in an interview with B Scott, she wanted to have some of her enhancements removed, which she plans to do in January.

She posted on Instagram:

Good Betsy! It’s been 2much of you stealing my shine?It’s time to allow my new booty to be set free. I had so much fun Betsy! You were the apple of the eye of several NFL, NBA, and rappers. They loved that ass! But I am proud to say you were not thoughtful you were lady like! I will miss you and how my jeans fit. But I won’t miss hopping into my jeans every morning. I won’t miss my weight being so up and down that when I’m smaller you have me looking like a chicken drum stick. My ASS is already pregnant how could I ever handle carrying twins also with all that weight my legs would give out. I’ll miss you Betsy but you also caused me inflammation through out my body. No amount of beauty is worth your health! So everything has to be returned to its natural state! Jan I’ll really be Kimberly again.

In an interview with Essence Now, she also stated:

I like the lipo but when I did my butt and all of that it gets heavy…that’s real. I’ve been taking it out and getting it together. I want to get back to my original state, just me. I don’t think I need any add ons at this point. I like who I am.

She also revealed she will be using her original name, Kimberly, moving forward.


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