Rapper Cam’ron and author/reality star Juju split a few months ago. He gave an interview and stated that the relationship wasn’t fun anymore.

In a recent interview, Juju gave her side of the story.

Breakup with Cam’ron:

“Cam and I, we were really good friends and he said it wasn’t fun for him anymore and I was concerned about what was going on Instagram and saying who he was following and that’s not true.

And that’s’s not true, I basically was more concerned about the respect level.. there’s d*** pics up and down my Instagram as well and I didn’t like them out of respect, my thing was, don’t do what I don’t do to you, respect me… And it’s not because of Instagram, it’s because the things you [Cam] were doing concerning IG, and you didn’t respect my feelings, we had a really good friendship, so I felt that if you are going to the game with a female friend or anybody, you should be able to tell me.. Cam for the past year was pushing me away.”

Casting for Love & Hip Hop:

“They hit me up since season three, and I never wanted to do it.. they hit us up, me and Cam, at time the time was was like ‘nah that’s not something we want to do,’ we didn’t want to let the curtain up as Cam would say, we didn’t want to bring people in our business, last year they hit up Cam, I had a talk with Mona, I decided to do it, and Cam didn’t, she said ‘I think you have enough experience to do it by yourself.’ I would say my experience has been positive, I have nothing negative to say.”

On dating:

“I been looking but sometimes I feel like I wanna date and sometimes I feel like I don’t, I been in a relationship so long, so I just haven’t been myself in a long time, I’m just going to enjoy that, take it slow and continue to focus on my business.”



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