In the District Two debate, Congressional hopefuls Jeremy Hunt and Chris West laid out their reasons why they’re the best candidate to replace thirty-year incumbent, U.S. Rep Sanford Bishop.

Chris West, a Thomasville attorney, pledged to push former President Trump’s America First agenda. 

“We cannot give the Democrats not one opportunity, to infringe on our rights and take some more of our money,” West said.

Moreover, an emphasis on protecting farmers was present. West, who is a third-generation farmer, argued inflation and President Biden’s agenda were hurting Georgia’s agricultural businesses. If West gets to Washington, he says the first thing he’ll do is push back against these policies.

“Farmers don’t know how they’re going to pay for fertilizer or diesel,” West said. “They’ve got one and maybe enough money for one but not the other. So we have got to first number one push back against the Biden policy agenda that is hurting our businesses and our families. And that’s the first thing that we’re going to do when we get to Washington.”

During the District Two debate, the topic of medical access was brought up. West does not believe in any form of federal government expansion or intervention to expand health care access. Conversely, Hunt, who is a proponent of free-market economics, says more options will create parity in the system.

“I support creating more options for our communities, Hunt said. “And we do that in the free market and getting government out of the way so that our people can get access to health care, and they don’t have to drive hours to get to see a taxi to get to a hospital. There are things you can do right now to make that up to make that a reality.”

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