On this past Sunday, I was on a high! My smile was so big, from ear to ear, I looked like Chester the grinning Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

There is nothing like the feeling of giving and knowing that you are impacting a life. What is greater than that – turning around and seeing your children and husband right there with you.

This past Sunday as a tribe, my husband, children and myself went down to Hurt Park to help We Rock Heels feed and tend to the homeless. When we pulled up the line was from the top of the hill to the bottom of the street.

The children hopped in and started to place bread on the plate.

My husband started assembling hygiene bags and I started greeting people and passing out plates and silverware. Some may say great you volunteered – what’s so special about that? How is that leaving a legacy?

What you must realize is Sunday was just a manifestation of years in the making.

We started teaching our children at a very young age to be grateful for what they have.  To understand that there are those who are less fortunate than us and as children of the Most High God, it is our responsibility to pray, cover and give to them when we can.

If we passed by a corner or a bridge and someone was hungry we would give change, offer a snack or whatever we had. 

The children started doing the same because of what they saw us do. They would see someone and say, “Mommy do we have any change? Can we feed them?”

For the longest, they have wanted to help feed the homeless, but many organizations wouldn’t allow young children to help. Sometimes we don’t realize the seeds we plant in them and how they will grow and manifest in ways unimaginable.

For example, when we called our children to tell them their prayers have been answered, because we were having another child, my son screamed and said, “So all the homeless people have been fed?”

He has even said, “When I grow up, I want to build homes for the homeless.”

When my daughter prays, she asks the Father to bless the homeless, to feed them and clothe them.

This is now part of their legacy – to have a desire to give back.

When we told the children, we were going to help feed the homeless I swear they screamed for what felt like five hours. Whereas normally I consistently have to ask them to get ready, they were up and already ready to go.

My daughter was going through clothes seeing what she could give away, my son was trying on shoes and coats to see what was too small and we were purging as well.

It felt amazing to look around and see the joy on their faces as they prepared to bless someone else.

When we pulled up and they saw how many people were there, they beamed with pride knowing they get to fulfill a desire that God had given them.

They talked to the people and just loved on them. They were the only children there and they took their role seriously.

I pray this story encourages you to continue being a blessing to someone and to find a way to involve your children. To teach them what it means to be an example of the Father and how they too play an important role, regardless of their age.

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