“Movement gives birth to momentum” is a phrase I always say, and also what I’ve personally worked hard to live by.

Each day we are given a gift – an opportunity to try again – to correct the wrongs, and to go after the desires of our heart. Yet, many times, I have found myself procrastinating, coming up with excuses instead of circumventing the small things that end up derailing me.

Why? Because my lack of faith didn’t match the level of anointing that was required for my life. I didn’t, or couldn’t, comprehend how I was chosen for such as task.

It’s funny how, in most cases, we may feel unworthy. But those are the people the Father loves to use the most.

Throughout the Bible, God used the most unlikely characters to carry out His vision. Many times, they didn’t feel worthy. They made excuses and tried to convince God that He had made a mistake.

What they didn’t realize is something I have learned. He never calls you for where you are, but for where you are going. He sees who you truly are, and who you will become.

Through your fears, failures, ups and downs, your life journey will produce the “perfect” person.

He needs to accomplish the divine calling and mission in your life. We must trust the way God sees us, and seize His vision for ourselves.

“Lord, change my eyesight!” This is my prayer right now.

In other words, change what I see to what You see; change my surroundings, my circles, my opportunities, my ways and my words.

We forget that we have the power within us to change our circumstances, just by what we speak. We can change the very existence of our reality through the words of our mouth, the thoughts we have that we manifest, and the intent of our heart.

We forget that we are visionaries that have insight and foresight.

A visionary is a person with original ideas about what the future will, or could, be like. They are always thinking about or planning for, the future, with imagination or wisdom.

God gives us the insight, the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing, and the foresight, the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future, for the journey He has prepared for us.

We just have to seize His vision and implement the plan. If you don’t know the vision for your life, just ask Him. Trust me, He is always speaking through music, television, other people, things you see, what you read.

He is constantly dropping hints, and if you take a moment to be still and calm your mind, He will show you how your experiences have contributed to building and preparing you for the vision He has for your life.

A beautiful vision in which you are called to impact lives, all starts with yourself.

I pray you to take a moment today to realign yourself with your soul’s purpose, mission and vision He has prepared for you from your birth.

I declare today: Seize the vision!

Janna B is a wife, an entrepreneur, a giver, philanthropist and a mother of two little ones who are firecrackers. She enjoys talking with people and understanding their heart, their dreams and their passions.

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