Jae’l Dunn first began throwing the discus and shot put in the 8th grade after playing softball and basketball for years. The class of 2022 Stockbridge High School athlete is now determined to make a name for herself at the track, in the shotput.
“I would love throwing to take me to a good school on a full-ride scholarship with a successful throwing team, Jae’l exclaimed. “I can’t wait to compete on a collegiate level.”

She placed high enough at the Georgia regional competition and advanced to compete at the state level. In this year’s State 5A tournament, Dunn finished fourth in the discus and third in the shotput. She was invited to the Wingfoot Meet of Champions on May 22nd.

Her personal record in the discus is 135 feet. Her shotput personal record is 41 feet and 10.25 inches, Dunn’s personal record in the hammer throw is 121 feet and 0.5 inches.

On top of her athletic credentials, Dunn’s academic credentials are also top-notch. Jae’l has a 3.6 GPA, is dually enrolled at Southern Crescent Technical College seeking an Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Even though Jae’l has seen a lot of success in her high school athletic career, Covid-19 has presented challenges as well.

“At meets, I wear my mask before and after I throw, also clean all my implements after I compete,” Jae’l explained. “I also try to keep a safe distance.”

Jae’l has been guided by the support of her mother, who like many others, had their worries about their child playing sports during the pandemic.

“My biggest worry was making sure my daughter was safe at every practice and meet,” Dunn’s mother Wakaitha Mosley emphasized. “I constantly pray she follows all protocols so that she and her teammates are safe.”

Wakaitha is intent on ensuring that Jae’l can perform at the highest level while also staying safe in the process.

“My second worry was making sure Jae’l was able to practice and maintain the skills required for throwers to be successful,” she explained. “She eased that worry by keeping up with a practice routine despite facilities being closed. She had a schedule where she would get in practice throws in the yard and maintain a physical workout.”

Mosley also shares advice on how other parents of student-athletes can follow safe practices.

“Have the necessary conversation about being safe,” she says. “I would also suggest developing a list of steps that your student-athlete should follow such as; wear your mask, wash your hands, maintain proper distance, take vitamins, shower immediately after practice, wash practice clothes and any other needed items, and clean implements.”

“I would also suggest making sure your athlete has cleaning wipes/baby wipes, sanitizer, and extra masks in their possession that way if they need them; it is available,” she continued. “My daughter Jae’l and I have this conversation all the time.”
Jae’l has accepted the safety protocols as the new norm in order to compete in her sport.

“I practice 4 to 5 times out of the week,” Dunn detailed. “I work on different events, skills, and techniques throughout the week. I am also a member of the Retrain Athletics Track club.”

Jae’l is not only involved in track at her school but in other activities as well.
“All of my hobbies happen in school,” she said. “I am in HOSA, President of the Partners Club, and I’m a part of the National Honors Society.”

She prides herself on being a well-rounded individual and is determined for her skills to take her to the next level.
“I am super excited about going to college,” she exclaimed. “I can’t wait to throw at any school who would like to give me a full-ride scholarship.”

Photo of Jae’l Dunn provided by Wakaitha Mosley.

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