Multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Isaac Hayes III created a major paradigm shift in the tech industry when he founded the Fanbase app for creatives to have a portal to profit off their talent, work and experience.

Fanbase, is a subscription-based social media platform that enables all content creators to monetize their content and amplify their brands.

Hayes’ Fanbase platform has become so attractive that musical legends and renowned TV personalities have joined Hayes’ community, including Snoop Dogg, Charlamagne Tha God, Kandi Burruss, Roland Martin, YBN Almighty Jay, Watch Jazzy, Chamillionaire, PJ Morton, No I.D., and Girvan “Fly” Henry.

Buoyed by the historic success and support in the United States, Hayes announced he is taking the Fanbase platform into the international markets of Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Moreover, Hayes told The Atlanta Voice that Fanbase will be available around the world as well as for Android phone users before the end of 2021.

Fanbase is a photo, video, audio chat, live streaming and long-form content app. Any user of Fanbase can post for their followers for free.

However, the user can earn money off their content by posting exclusive content for subscribers and with virtual currency they call “Love.”

Fanbase offers a $3.99 monthly subscription for viewers to subscribe to their favorite creators and gain access to their exclusive content.

During the formation of Fanbase, Hayes created history in America becoming the second Black man to raise over $1 million via StartEngine.

He ranked second in the most money raised, receiving more than $700,000 on the first day. To date, Hayes has raised more than $2.8 million to launch Fanbase. Hayes should be used to making history.

He is the son of the late, legendary Isaac Hayes Jr., the savant songwriter, musician and producer who won an Oscar award in 1972 for the theme from Shaft.

When the father took home that Academy Award for Best Original Song, he became just the third black person after Hattie McDaniel and Sidney Poitier to win the industry’s highest award in any category.

Despite Hayes Jr’s indelible contributions and breaking barriers in music, the father’s genius was insufficient to insulate him against the exploitative tendencies of the often predatory industry.

Hayes III was paying attention to what happened to his father and a multitude of other music legends. This is a major reason why Hayes, 46, founded Fanbase.

“It absolutely was a contributing factor,” Hayes said. “What I was seeing in social media was very similar to what I was seeing in the music industry. And that was seeing creatives shoveling out an enormous amount of content the same way that artists were with mixtapes. They’re giving away free content. So Fanbase was my way to say, ‘hey, these (social media) platforms don’t exist without the users. And collectively, they take the user’s material, and give virtually none of the revenue back.

“Now, I know that it costs these social media platforms money to provide a service,” he continued. “But when you are talking about $20 billion in Ad revenue or $30 billion of Ad revenue, they are not really giving anything back to the community.”

The Fanbase app founded by Hayes changes that paradigm and empowers the users — the famous, non-famous and soon-to-be-famous alike.

Another unique attribute of the Fanbase app is that creatives not only have an opportunity to profit off their own creativity, but they have a chance to earn equity in the app as well, Hayes informed.

“Fanbase presented a unique opportunity to not only reward creators with monetization, but with this raise, giving equity in a startup.

This is will enable to provide them with equity and a platform that they can sit on all day and use like Instagram, use like Clubhouse, use like Facebook, but with Fanbase they actually own a piece of it.”

Check out the Fanbase app via and Instagram @fanbaseapp.

(Photo Courtesy: Isaac Hayes III/Twitter)
(Photo Courtesy: Isaac Hayes III/Twitter)

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