Editor’s Note: In a world of unanswered questions, constant problems, and failures, everyone needs some type of guidance, comfort, and advice to help navigate the treacherous storms of life. This advice column is for all who want honest advice, feedback, and direction.  So tell me everything, your secrets, your questions, your confession. In return, I’m going to tell you the truth—albeit, the harsh truth with no sugar coating. So I hope you’re ready. I’m just saying.

Dear Tamon:

My mother-in-law is 72 years old and lives by herself in the house and neighborhood she raised her five boys. However, what was once a bedroom community just south of downtown has progressively gotten worse. I’ve been trying to convince her to move into at the very least a much nicer neighborhood if she doesn’t want to move in a retirement community.

She insists on not vacating her home, saying, “I’ve worked too many years and put so many memories into the house to leave now. I’ll die in this house.” Granted, she’s very independent — she’s on Instagram, lives by her I-Phone and looks like someone 30 years younger.

Yet, a week ago, two guys tried breaking into the house. And she still won’t budge. I fear for her all the time. What should I do?


Dear Ms. Overprotective,

If your mother-in-law honestly feels she wants to die in her house. Well, let her! She’s from a generation that values owning property and views staying planted in a location as a golden star, an exhorted symbol of accomplishment. And that’s okay!

I mean, if an attempted break-in doesn’t make her pack up and head for the hills, then what else would? She is clearly more than capable of taking care of herself. Maybe instead of trying to convince her to leave make it okay for her to stay.

Offer to buy her a home security system, cameras, and maybe even help her exercise her second amendment and get a gun. You can even suggest taking classes together.

But worrying her and yourself will continue to make her frustrated along with everyone else. I’m just saying!

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