Known for her role on WeTV’s “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta”, Ayana Fite speaks on many issues that are in the African-American community, as well as her personal life.

Currently, in its second season, the show highlights the life of many young adults that grew up within the world of Hip Hop. As the daughter of Wendell Fite, better known as DJ Hurricane, Ayana speaks on her relationship with her father, mother, and her girlfriend Amy.                                                                                                             

“It’s a lot of people that mock us for a storyline,” says Fite as she discusses her relationship with Amy.  She continues, “It’s refreshing to see a lesbian couple that is actually lesbian.”

Fite also discusses the importance of being yourself regardless of the circumstances. “You need to live in your truth. . . If you’re not happy with who you are, then change it,” she says.

She also emphasizes the importance of mental health within the African-American community.

“I don’t know why therapy is such a taboo in the black community, but it definitely helps,” Fite said as she shines a light on why she believes mental health is important.

While she is all for promoting the importance of mental health, she is also a business owner.

Fite discusses her passion for fashion while finding her own ways to be an independent woman through her business, Cozy Closet. Cozy Closet is a clothing line within its second collection that will be available for pre-order within the next few weeks at

As she discusses her brand, promoting other businesses, and collaborations with prospective companies interested in her becoming an ambassador, Fite states, “I want it to be organic.”

“I wanted to make my own money. I made a living for myself before the show.” She continues “You don’t see that a lot with children in the industry.”

Fite believes she has more of a sense of reality as she refers to her personality on the show. She also expressed that there are scenes that have been left off that she wishes would have been aired.

While she’s momentarily unaware of what the future may bring for her, as of now she is adapting to life with reality TV.

To find out more on Ayana Fite, Amy, and other stars from the show, tune in to WEtv’s “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” every Thursday at 9/8 EST.

Alexis Grace is a recent graduate of Clark Atlanta University and a current Graduate student at Agnes Scott College. During and after her time at CAU, she has worked and interned for several publications...

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