For the first time since its creation, the Grove Park Foundation has chosen a new executive director, Gavin McGuire. 

McGuire will officially start on October 18 but has already “hit the ground running,” since the announcement.

McGuire will be succeeding Debra Edelson, who has been running the organization since 2015. McGuire, an alumnus of Morehouse College, has been working in the nonprofit sector for the last 25 years.

He believes that the opportunity to work in the Grove Park community has reminded him of his calling in life. 

“I saw a quote from Deloitte that said 20% of people in America are in their field of passion, or the area where their spark is,” said McGuire. “For those 25 years, I’ve been in my area of passion and spark, serving the community.”

McGuire has worked at the YMCA on Campbellton Road and Future Foundation on Washington Road in Atlanta, and even with musical artist Usher Raymond on his charity organization.

Before coming to the Grove Park Foundation, McGuire was working as the Chief Operating Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan.

McGuire is feeling excited for the opportunity to step into a new role in a historical part of Atlanta. He’s also looking forward to more directly serve a community with their input in mind.

“Looking at the Grove Park Foundation, it was an intersection of so many great things,” McGuire said. “It’s just intentional on empowering the residents. It’s not a foundation about charity, but it’s a foundation about providing the access, awareness, [and] exposure that people need to thrive.”

Not only will he bring his decade’s worth of experience to the foundation, but he thinks he, more importantly, will bring “a listening ear first.”

During his first 100 days as Grove Park Foundation’s new executive director, McGuire wants to spend most of that time hearing the voices of the local community through community visioning sessions.

“I want to make sure that I take the foundation in the direction that speaks directly to the voice and vision of the people, along with our board of directors, and along with our staff team,” McGuire said.

The Grove Park Foundation has raised approximately $80 million to date for the Grove Park neighborhood. In 2020, they began the construction of Canopy at Grove Park, a mixed-income housing unit that is expected to be completed in December.

Grove Park Foundation Executive Director Gavin McGuire. (Photo Credit: Grove Park Foundation)

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