I had to laugh at this memory recently and thought I would share it one more time.

Having been seriously bedridden for a couple of weeks some while ago, I remember missing church and missing the opportunity to tithe, which I try to do regularly, if not religiously.

It was one of the first things that penetrated my spirit when my walk began several years ago. Then, I didn’t know how, why or anything else about the first fruits.

But now I consider it a privilege to give what is truly the Lord’s back to Him in appreciation for all He’s done for me, period, end of story.

Anyway, while on my face in prayer I wanted to let the Lord know, as if He didn’t already, that I owed Him some money.

As a matter of fact, if He’d accept my I. O. U., I would be sure to make it up on the Sunday I returned to worship service.

That’s when my revelation began and continues to this day. Fortunately, for me, I believe God allowed me to get up laughing like crazy at the notion that I actually entertained the thought of God accepting or even listening to me about offering Him an I. O. U.

It was then and is now one of the more ridiculous things to come up with that walk with the Lord I was talking about earlier.

I mean even as I’m writing this today, the whole thing is ludicrous. Think about it! Me or you, giving God an I. O. U?

Can you imagine trying to pay God back for all He’s done for you? Now the fact that it’s an impossibility is one thing; but to think that you can be in serious prayer and even consider it is another.

I found myself in total silence repeating this I. O. U. notion only to hear myself, or rather, I’m convinced, hear the Holy Spirit asking me “Do you hear yourself?” My first reaction was embarrassment and then a great big “I’m sorry.” That was followed by me and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and possibly most of my ancestors laughing out loud. I could hear God saying, “That’s okay. I’m gonna work with you. I appreciate the thought, but not only is it unnecessary, it’s impossible.”

You would have had to have been there to capture the moment. That’s when the realization once again of God’s particular love for me invaded my spirit and gave me pause to humble myself at the prospect of God’s continued unconditional love for me.

Now remember I was on my face in prayer while this was going on and all I could do was to begin to thank God for all my many blessings with the renewed knowledge that I didn’t deserve not one of them.

But yet and still He gave and He gave and He continues to give each and every day. By then a praise party was going full blast and I was the punch line.

First laughing to tears at my infantile assumption about my I. O. U. and then relishing in my tears of joy at being a child of God.

It was wonderful and I just wanted to share that with you because you too, are blood bought and Holy Spirit branded and you can never thank God enough for choosing you.

And believe me when I say, He’s got a heavenly sense of humor about our ignorance on this very simple truth.

May God bless and keep you always.

(Photo: Courtesy of James Washington)

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