Over the past year, Georgians have not only watched Joe Biden and Georgia Democrats squander a strong economic recovery, but have felt the pain of their disastrous economic policies firsthand.

It has been one Democrat-made crisis after another, from out-of-control inflation and gas prices hitting record-highs to lower wages and supply chain shortages.

Atlanta currently is suffering from the second-highest inflation rate of any metropolitan area in the country and the blame falls on Joe Biden and the Democrats’ inflation-boosting economic agenda.

Recent reporting has made it clear that Joe Biden’s stimulus package, which was supported by every Georgia Democrat in the House and Senate, was a major driver of inflation.

Yet, Joe Biden has virtually no solutions to fight inflation and has resorted to a blame game, pointing fingers at everyone but himself.

It’s why an overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the inflation crisis.

After denying the inflationary crisis for months, the only plan of action Biden has put forward is to trust the Federal Reserve, which has economists concerned it will induce a recession to get inflation under control.

A recession would hit Georgians suffering from current economic pains even harder and Georgia Democrats like Stacey Abrams have supported Joe Biden every step of the way.

At no point did Stacey Abrams stand up for Georgians and challenge Joe Biden’s inflation-boosting economic agenda. Instead, she celebrated.

Georgia Republican Brian Kemp, however, has done more than just fight; he has acted swiftly to provide relief to Georgians from much of the damage Joe Biden created.

When gas prices reached a record high, Governor Kemp suspended Georgia’s gas tax, resulting in the Peach State having the lowest gas prices in the country.

After Joe Biden and Georgia Democrats boosted inflation and caused real wages to drop, Governor Kemp provided over a billion dollars in instant tax relief and cut taxes by another one billion dollars.

While Georgians received real relief from these Democrat-fueled crises due to the leadership of Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams has refused to say whether or not she’d keep these tax cuts in place.

The choice this November couldn’t be clearer.

It is vital that we don’t allow Stacey Abrams and Democrats to give Biden’s policies a stronger hold over Georgia.

Georgia is the best place to live, work and play because, under Brian Kemp, hardworking Georgians are a priority.

Under Stacey Abrams, her political ambitions will always come first and she will never care who comes second.

Melvin Everson is a former state representative from Snellville, GA and is currently a surrogate for the Republican National Committee (RNC).