ATHENS, Ga. (AP) — The total value of field crops produced in Georgia rose more than 20% in 2021, according to figures released Friday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The state’s farmers produced $2.61 billion in crops last year, not counting the value of poultry, livestock or trees, driven by record yields per acre in cotton, corn and soybeans. That’s up from $2.17 billion in crops in 2020.

The value of all crops grown nationwide rose to $201 billion, up 23% from $163 billion in 2020.

Cotton expanded its lead as the state’s most valuable row crop, with farmers growing $937 million worth of the fiber, a value that rose 23% from the previous year. Georgia produced about 13% of the value of upland cotton grown nationwide.

Peanuts were the state’s second-most valuable crop, bringing in $744 million for farmers, up 10% from 2020. Georgia produced just under half of the $1.5 billion value of peanuts grown nationwide.

Corn, which had been a minor crop in Georgia but has grown in acreage and value, was worth $470 million. That’s up 32% from 2020.

Hay at $181 million and cottonseed at $122 million were the next most valuable crops statewide.

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