Following a year-long investigation and in coordination with Upson County law enforcement and other local partners, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the Upson County District Attorney’s Office announced that 46 individuals have been indicted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and Georgia Street Gang and Terrorism Prevention Act. Twenty-five individuals have been arrested and 21 are wanted for arrest.

At a press conference in Upson County, the GBI said the indictments included 92 counts of RICO Act violations and 59 counts of Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act violations. A number of counts were also filed for physical violence, including four felony murder counts and 24 aggravated assault accounts. A range of other counts was filed for drugs and weapons charges.

In March 2019, the Upson County District Attorney’s Office reached out to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Gang Task Force requesting that agents take a deep look into connected crimes in the Upson, Fayette, & Spalding County areas. The Gang Task Force, with the investigative support of local, state, and federal partners initiated an extensive investigation.

“Today’s announcement highlights why my administration continues to prioritize fighting criminal street gangs and supporting the GBI Gang Task Force,” said Governor Brian Kemp about the arrests. “The task force – working closely with local and federal law enforcement officials – has been the tip of the spear in making our communities safer and bringing criminals to justice. I applaud GBI Director Vic Reynolds and his staff, Upson County District Attorney Broder, Sheriffs Kilgore and Dix, Thomaston Police Chief Richardson, and all of our vital partners in this effort, for their leadership and hard work over the last year.

“My message to gang members looking to prey on innocent Georgians, commit crimes, and destroy lives is simple: we will not stop until every community is safe.”

The investigation showed that between May 2014 and September 2020, the men and women who have been indicted participated in a pattern of racketeering activity as part of the criminal enterprise known as the Rollin 20 Neighborhood Bloods. They operated across the State of Georgia, including but not limited to Upson, Fayette, Spalding, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Richmond, Greene, Telfair, and Washington counties and throughout the US.

This criminal enterprise committed numerous crimes, including but not limited to drug trafficking, assault, theft of money and personal property, conspiring to assault inmates, and recruiting gang members.

“In Georgia, we are fortunate to have dedicated law enforcement officials at the local, state, and federal level who are willing to work in partnership and go the extra mile to keep our citizens safe,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “This large-scale effort – led by the GBI Gang Task Force and local officials – will allow members of the affected communities to rest easier knowing their public safety officials are working diligently to make Georgia the safest place to live, work and raise a family. I commend everyone who played a role in bringing this criminal enterprise to the ground.”

The GBI Gang Task Force is comprised of the following agencies: Atlanta Police Department, the Georgia Department of Community Supervision, Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security Investigations Atlanta, and the Georgia National Guard.

“I am proud of the work the Gang Task Force has done since its inception,” said GBI Director Vic Reynolds. “This is another success story of us assisting a jurisdiction requesting our help in their area. Our GBI agents and task force agents have the expertise to investigate these complex cases and bring them to the point of a successful prosecution.”

The following individuals have been indicted. Twenty-five individuals have been arrested. Twenty-one fugitives are wanted by police.

ARRESTED – All were booked into the Upson County Jail with the exception of Chatman:

  • Christopher Tyler Bennett, 24 – booked 10/22/20
  • Xavier Lamar Carter, 21 – booked 10/22/20
  • Ronald Elwood Chatman, 53 – booked 10/27/20 (Los Angeles County Jail awaiting extradition)
  • Tyree Dasean Crosland, 27 – booked 10/22/20
  • Derrick Lavar Ferguson, 41 – booked 10/22/20
  • Robert Freeman, III, 26 – booked 10/22/20
  • Juan Manuel Gomez-Penaloza, 25 – booked 10/22/20
  • Travis Alan Goode, 31 – booked 10/21/20
  • Shamune Deante’ Harris, 29 – booked 10/21/20
  • Charles Bradford Martin, 36 – booked 10/21/20
  • Kenneth Darnell Patterson, 31 – booked 10/22/20
  • Sterling Leroy Pennix, 31 – booked 10/21/20
  • Zacorrius Tykevius Pope, 23 – booked 8/29/19
  • Winston Porter, 23 – booked 10/22/20
  • Christopher Jacori Rogers, III, 20 – booked 10/22/20
  • Bobby Roshaun Rouseau, 23 – booked 7/23/19
  • Damarion Q Sinkfield, 17 – booked 10/22/20
  • Anthony Wade Smith, Jr., 29 – booked 10/22/20
  • Maurice Kentrell Stewart, 30 – booked 10/22/20
  • Darron Lamar Stokes, 39 – booked 10/21/20
  • Larris Donnie Sutton, 32 – booked 10/21/20
  • Asia Larie Thompson, 31 – booked 10/21/20
  • Jason Velasquez, 18 – booked 10/22/20
  • Myrrin Trelorenz Watson, 41 – booked 10/22/20
  • Samuel A. Workeneh, 17 – booked 10/22/20


  • LaKeisha Alexander, 30
  • Adelino De Araujo, 27
  • Javier Gilberto Bernardo, 19
  • Reginald Carter, Jr., 26
  • Abraham Croxton, III, 44
  • Abraham Jamal Felder, 32
  • Draylin LaKeith Holland, 22
  • Trakia Nashay Johnson, 23
  • Nico Antwain Jones, 32
  • Quentin Arnell Lawyer, 40
  • Tristan Dominic Monfort, 23
  • Andre Denard Noble, 37
  • Alphonso Quiroz Plancarte, Age Unk (Foreign National)
  • Marquise Eugene Rangel, 39
  • Anthony Quantaus Scott, 40
  • Desmond Darnell Stafford, 30
  • Zachary Matthew Taylor, 29
  • JD Christopher Trottman, 34
  • Terry Lamar Walker, 33
  • Devin Trelorenz Washington, 28
  • Ryan Matthew Willis, 21
Gov. Brian Kemp, with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, announces, the indictment of 46 individuals after a yearlong investigation conducted by the GBI's Joint Drug Task Force.
Gov. Brian Kemp, with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, announces, the indictment of 46 individuals after a yearlong investigation conducted by the GBI’s Joint Drug Task Force.

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